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Home Theater Installation How-Tos

home-theater-installation-tipsHome theater installation can be intimidating, even if you are an experienced do it yourselfer and/or you’re an obsessed wonk about some element of the process, such as surround sound design. Here are the critical essentials of the process.

1. Pick a great focal point to enjoy the A/V experience.

Where you sit – and even how you sit – can have a huge bearing on your enjoyment of the home theater experience. Make sure your furniture does not block any speakers. Stay away from walls to prevent deadening acoustics from damaging the surround sound experience. Also, your seats should be comfy and ergonomically supportive.

2. Prepare the room for an awesome audiovisual experience.

The structure and engineering of the room matter a lot. Whether you have carpets or not, the kind of lighting you use, and the presence or absence of visual distractions can all impact your enjoyment (or lack thereof). For most entertainment applications – listening to great music, watching movies in full cinematic glory, etc – you want a relatively dim, quiet place without a lot of distracting visuals or furniture clutter. You don’t need to go overboard, though – a completely empty room can have annoying echo acoustic effects.

3. Get a TV that’s right for the space, for your budget and for your A/V purposes.

The viewing angle from your seat to the screen should be about 40 degrees. You can do basic trigonometry to calculate how far away you should sit to get this angle. Avoid being bedazzled by the sheer number of TVs available at your price range – do your research and due diligence, and then make a choice. Remember: reliability is often underappreciated by buyers, who are drawn like moths to the flame to fancy tech and gadgetry.

4. Choose a sound solution that’s ideal for your space.

Ideally, you want uniform delivery of sound, so that you can enjoy the presentation, no matter where you are in the room. Adjust and position your speaker system so that the focal point (where you will be sitting/lounging most of the time) will be the best seat in the house. It may take time to adjust to your sound and TV dynamics, so experiment!

Surround Sound and Home Theater Pros

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