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-A Media Server for your House: Extravagance or Absolute Necessity?-

Let’s face facts, folks. It’s 2011. We are, by all accounts, in the future. And while we don’t have hovercrafts, robots, and space colonies on Mars, we do have iPads, awesome home media centers, and the unfathomable variety of the worldwide web.

This brings us to a key question: Do you need your own home media server?

With so much digital media pouring into your life – no doubt terabytes at this point, every year – you need some way to systematically store, assemble, and pipe all those bytes through your various electronics without spending a fortune, wasting half your life trying to figure out how to get various devices to “talk” to one another, and so forth.

Condensing and streamlining all this digital media is a priority. But do you really need your own server? The answer depends on your preferences, needs, and the amount of information that’s flowing through your home or business.

Here are some examples of people who might benefit from this solution:

• Family of six. Picture a typical San Francisco Bay family of six. The kids are chatting with their friends, downloading movies and songs, constantly Facebooking and Twittering, and perpetually yearning to buy the biggest, greatest, and most expensive information technology upgrades possible. The parents are equally as guilty. Maybe the dad runs an internet home business, so he needs to access a lot of digital information – client videos, etc.

• Small business owner. Whether you run a competitive technology business or you just have a lot of information from clients, vendors, and suppliers streaming in and out of your business, you may want to opt for a media server solution. There are many reasons to do so: safety, convenience, redundancy, speed, efficiency, etc.

• The “I love tech” customer. Maybe you just love to explore the most cutting-edge technologies. You don’t necessarily need a home media server in the same way that the family of six or the small business owner do. But you are intrigued by bleeding edge tech. Having it puts you ahead of the curve and makes you look more “tech savvy” than your annoying, geeked-out buddies, who are constantly bragging to you about how great their setups are.

Irrespective of why you are searching for a home media server, the friendly and effective team at Karbon Home Theater Consulting can help you master your project, save money, and get results.

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