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3-d movies have become so popular that Hollywood is pushing them into theaters all across the country.  However, many theaters aren’t fully equipped to show 3-d movies yet. If your local theater falls into this category, don’t worry because you can enjoy 3-d movies in your home theater.

So, what do you need to start enjoying 3-d movies at home?  You’ll need a 3D capable TV of course.  Depending upon your home theater system, you may have to upgrade your components.   Then you will need to invest in a pair of 3D glasses – some TVs will include a pair.  You can also get 3D glasses for the children, although they’ll probably not keep them on long enough to enjoy the full effect.  

To try it out, you can visit your local high-tech electronics store to watch a free 3D TV demo and test-drive it before purchasing a new 3D television.

What’s the Future of 3D TV & the Home Theater?

The future looks extremely bright for 3D movies home theater.  According to industry reports, flat-screen TV and Blu-ray Disc will all have 3D capabilities by 2012. It won’t be long before a large percentage of families will own at least one 3D television.

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  1. Ken O

    I saw these 3D’s on display at Costco last Sat. Not bad, but I’m sure it would be better in a home theater.


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