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The Future of How to Protect Your Family and Property?

You have invested a lot of time and money furnishing your home. You want to protect your loved ones and your property with the most appropriate surveillance technology and home security systems. But the diversity of home security systems can be mind boggling; it’s difficult enough to even begin to research. That said, you might be interested in a curious surveillance tech innovation developed by Hitachi Kokusai Electric. This system leverages face recognition in a major — some might even say revolutionary — way.

Home Security SystemFaces can be checked against 36 million other faces in a database — in just a single second! Once Hitachi’s software and systems can be effectively integrated into home security paradigms, homeowners and law enforcement agents should benefit hugely. Based on just a 40 pixel by 40 pixel snapshot of a face, the Hitachi software can identify a face and then quickly compare it to faces in the company’s database. Different kinds of digital images work – cell phone snapshots, video camera captures, etc. And the system works even if the face is turned away from the camera by up to 30 degrees.

Here is how this kind of system could help homeowners:

Let’s say that a burglar breaks into your San Francisco condominium late at night, and your security system manages to get a snapshot of his face. The software could then check the snapshot against months of your condominium’s security footage. It could then check to see whether the burglar’s face matches anyone who came through your complex during that time. Ordinarily, this kind of task would be a laborious, error filled job – only really worth it for major criminal investigations. But if this technology pans out and proves to be easily adaptable, perhaps you could catch our hypothetical thief “casing the joint” weeks prior to the theft and then use that information to build a compelling case in court.

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