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Bay Area Home Theater Installation

As a San Francisco home theater buff, you’re desperately searching the internet for actionable advice about how to set up your entertainment system safely, cheaply and simply. As you flesh out your vision for your ideal entertainment system, you will come across a number of “should I or shouldn’t I?” type questions that might have bearing on the viewing experience. Many Bay Area home theater buffs shy away from wall mounting their TVs because they fear earthquakes or worry that curious toddlers might topple the appliance to the ground. These are smart concerns, but here are a few reasons why mounting is a good way to go:

San Francisco home theater services1. Improves performance

If you own a flat panel TV, and you watch it just even slightly off kilter, the viewing experience degrades. When you wall mount it, you can swivel the TV for ideal viewing, not just for you but for the entire family (or set of friends) on your couch.

2. Improves safety

A sturdily mounted TV can mean the difference between a pleasurable viewing experience … and a scary trip to the ER. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that each year in the United States, 20,000 people get injured due to instable TVs. You need an effective wall mount, of course. An ineffective wall mount can be deadly, particularly if you have small kids.

3. Improves your Feng Shui and increases the space of the room

Real estate in the Bay Area is a premium commodity. Unless you own a mansion, you want to conserve at least some space creatively. When you wall mount a TV — as opposed to mounting it standalone or on a piece of furniture — you gain back extra space. It may not be much. But as any home audio enthusiast will tell you, it’s the little things — the direction of the speakers, the angle of viewing, the positioning of a subwoofer, etc. — that create the experience.

4. Improves flexibility of viewing options

There may come a time, during the day, when the sun blasts into your living room or kitchen and creates horrendous glare on the screen. If you wall mount a TV, you can pivot or tilt the screen away from the glare, so you can continue to watch in relative ease.

Seeing the “should I wall mount or not?” question in a larger context

Assuming this article has helped you figure out this small decision (do it! wall mount it!), you probably still have dozens of A/V questions that you need answered. Fortunately, the team at Karbon Home Theater is standing by to guide you and help you make the wisest, simplest, and most cost-effective decisions. Connect with our team today for a free estimate.

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