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Perhaps you’re in the process of renovating your San Francisco Bay Area home. Or maybe you got a big payday at work, and you want to upgrade your home theater setup. Either way, outfitting your home with a wireless surround sound system is a worthwhile investment.

Four reasons to switch over to a wireless surround sound solution immediately:

1. Fewer trip hazards/fire hazards.

If you’ve ever owned a dog or had a small child, you know that these little guys often gravitate towards putting anything electronic in their mouths. This presents an obvious danger to your pets/kids as well as an annoyance for you: you must constantly bend over to stop them, fix the wires, etc. Depending on the layout of your place, the wires could also present trip hazards or even fire hazards. Guess what? With a wireless solution, no more wires!

2. Easy installation.

Even if you’re not a techie, you can probably set up a standard wireless surround sound solution yourself in just an hour or so. For an even easier solution, call the experts here at Karbon Consulting to help choose the right specs and make audio installation happen within a virtual blink of an eye.

3. A more immersive, thorough A/V experience.

Whether you relax by listening to Mahler symphonies or James Cameron blockbuster action movies, your wireless sound solution can deliver kind of immersion into your alternative reality of choice in a way that standard solutions may not be able to offer.

4. When you enjoy your home theater more, you spend less time/money going out.

Think about it. How much money do you spend, on average, going out to the movies or to concerts? Every time you make one of these jaunts, you need to spend money on the babysitter, on food, on concessions, not to mention ticket prices. When you have a great home theater set up – one you really enjoy using – you’ll find yourself naturally gravitating away from these increasingly expensive excursions. So you’ll enjoy yourself more – and you’ll save money.

For help putting together the most cost-effective, intelligent, customized solution for your wireless sound, connect with the Bay Area home theater experts at Karbon Consulting for a free and friendly consultation.

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