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We at Karbon Home Theater are always delighted to talk to clients about the surprising benefits of home automation for your Bay Area home. You want to protect your property, family, and assets. But did you know that, in so doing, you can also reduce your heating costs, save on insurance, keep track of your kids, and much more?

It’s true. Here are just a few cool benefits…

Home automation1. Reduce heating and cooling bills.

You can protect your home and seriously reduce your heating and cooling bills. Here’s how it works. Sensors installed to monitor the property can also check to see whether people are home. If no one is around, they can turn off lights automatically and also adjust the thermostat for you.

2. Reduce your homeowners’ insurance bill.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, homeowners can get insurance discounts ranging from 5% to 20% for installing alarm systems. To qualify for the top-level discounts, you will likely need a more sophisticated system – e.g. one with a built-in smoke and fire detector.

3. Make your house more salable.

You may want to live in your San Francisco home or condo forever. But if you ever entertain selling it, your alarm system can make the property more enticing to potential buyers.

4. Keep track of your kids.

It’s the holy grail of parenting – being able to leave your kids at home while you and your spouse go out for a movie (or at least a walk around the neighborhood) not fearing for your kids’ lives. That dream can get a little easier to achieve, once you install a home automation system. Top end systems can track different kids with different pin numbers and even use “no show alerts” to alert you if one of your kids doesn’t come home by a certain time. You can also track the use of electronics and thus limit “screen time.” Sorry kids – no more endless cartoon binges for you!

5. Identify property damage before it becomes a big problem.

A leaky faucet, malfunctioning water heater or other structural problem can easily go unnoticed, even while you’re home. A sophisticated security system can sense issues and alert you before a leaky faucet bathroom floods the basement and destroys the art collection you’ve stored down there.

For help choosing the smartest home security system or home theater installation needs, get in touch with the Karbon Home Theater team now for a free estimate.

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