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Home and Conference Room Automation Are Only The Beginning

Conference Room Automation San Jose

Automation in the workplace is becoming increasingly ubiquitous. Businesses now streamline their systems, tools, and processes around conference room automation, video conferencing, and other multimedia services. These changes create enduring competitive advantages for companies savvy enough to implement them. In fact, in today’s market, if you lack boardroom automation or automatic systems to compile data and cue network support, you are likely at a disadvantage.

At Karbon Home Theaters, our home automation experts are obsessed with how to translate these increasingly familiar technologies into other areas of our lives. It’s great to systematize your audio system—to put them on autopilot, using best of breed software and technologies—but how else might you be able to spot and apply efficiencies? What else can you clear off the proverbial plate?

Hotels and other businesses have begun using automation to reduce energy use and curb energy costs. Even small bed and breakfasts have been getting into the action; many B&Bs now have automated lights and doors with springs that close on their own to conserve heat. Meanwhile, indoor malls—structures that traditionally waste thousands of dollars on heating and lighting costs—have turned to automated systems to save money. Some malls, like the Parmatown Mall in Cleveland, Ohio, have taken this revolution to the next level. Parmatown Mall engineers are actually tearing down structures and rebuilding them to automate outlets with an outdoor path connecting each retailer.

The future of automation is abundance: new tech will allow you to take your hands off the wheel when it comes to access control and fire protection concerns, and new cell phone recognition software will allow you to access cell phones, laptops, and other electronic devices remotely in case of theft. We have also seen advances in refrigeration, ventilation, and other aspects of home improvement.

Talk To Us About Home or Boardroom Automation and More

For homeowners, turning to home automation can spice up the house, increase your property’s value, and reduce chronic sources of stress that frustrate your family and waste your time. We’d love to be able to examine your home or business to determine how automation technologies and solutions can help you get more done, faster, and for less money. Call us now at 925-798-7600 for a consultation!


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