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New Televisions Throwing Home Theater a Curve Ball


Flat screen televisions serve as the centerpiece of home entertainment systems across the Bay Area, but a growing market for curved screens has challenged the prevailing entertainment paradigm and shifted consumer demand. Is this new technology right for you? Read more »

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Bring the Theater Experience to Your Home Theater With Exclusive Flix Premiere Films

Audio Systems San Francisco

The reality of the film business in 2016 means that many great films produced this year (and beyond) will never get their big-screen debuts. Services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime stream popular shows and create their own content, leaving no place in the lineup for unknown movies or risky, experimental theater. Flix Premiere gives high-quality yet unnoticed films a place to find an audience. Read more »

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How to Optimize Your TV Settings for the Best Picture


You’re eager and excited to start consuming top end entertainment: you’ve queued up the surprisingly under-sung 2013 sci-fi adventure movie, Europa Report, and the new X-Files will be next. You’ve also just purchased a new home theater with a large, high definition screen and surround sound. Before you install the system and dive into your stories, here are a few tips to maximize the picture quality. Read more »

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Home Automation Perks for Pet Owners


Home automation systems are used to remotely manage the lights, thermostats and alarm systems, but pet lovers find that these technologies also help keep their furry and finny friends safe and happy. What home automation features might a pet owner use to help control the environment for their four legged friends? Read more »

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Home Theater Video Games for 2016, Waiting for Virtual Reality


2016 will see some great video game releases, even if the Holy Grail for gamers – Virtual Reality (VR) – is still several years away. Is your home theater system up for the challenge?

Given the diversity of game types, which include first person, third person, and multi-player games, you will want your audio systems and screen resolution optimized to enhance your gaming experience. Read more »

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Oscars Viewing Parties Require Bay Area Home Theater Tweaks and Planning


February 28th at 4pm the Oscars, hosted by Chris Rock this year, will begin. Whether you’re hosting a party for your family or you’re inviting your group of cinephile friends over for the event we’ve got 3 important steps to prepare your home and your home entertainment system. Read more »

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Home Entertainment Projectors Are Not Right for Every Space

Home Theater Installation San Francisco

If even your big screen television just isn’t cutting it, don’t feel bad. A home theater projector may be the best way for you to achieve your immersive, emotionally compelling A/V dreams. Before you remodel the living room and invest in a new cushy couch for neighborhood screenings, though, consider these three important facts about home theater projectors. Read more »

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Relax and Watch Some Classics with Your Closest Friends


Nothing is quite as relaxing as having a girls’ night in the comfort of your own home, especially if one of you recently went through a bad break up (or, more happily) got a major promotion or launched a new start up. Here are some tips to use your home theater (in conjunction with some well-placed snacks, of course) to create a Facebook-brag-worthy night of laughs, wine, gossip and chick flicks. Read more »

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Home Theater TV Options are Changing Fast; Know Your Options


You’re looking into home theater installation and you want to be sure that you are getting the best, most high tech television available. 4K, UHD, OLED, and curved displays are all relatively new options that you must choose from, let us help you understand differences and why you might choose one over another. Here are some of your options. Read more »

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Is a SOUND BAR Right for Your Home Theater Aspirations?


The sound bar – a thin speaker located near or in front of a TV to generate high fidelity sound – might just be the perfect compromise between the less-than-impressive audio systems that come with your television and a full-blown surround sound system. When shopping for a sound bar, keep these four things in mind. Read more »