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Considering Bay Area Home Theater Equipment


Given the incredible sound now available in home audio systems as well as the recent advances in TV technology, summer 2015 marks an exciting time to set up a new home entertainment center. However, before you trick out your Bay Area apartment or solidify your plans for finishing your living room remodel, you need to identify the right TV technology for your needs. Here’s a quick primer. Read more »

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New Apps and Appliances Enable Budget-Friendly Home Automation in San Francisco

Smart House from Savant Home Automation Systems

Modern home automation systems let you control nearly every aspect of your home from the palm of your hand. Originally, home automation systems were installed with an element known as a designated terminal. This terminal linked up lights, audio systems, security cameras, door locks, and more. These systems were expensive to install and wire throughout the home, however, putting them out of reach for most homeowners. Fortunately, thanks to the ever-growing capabilities of smart phones and wireless technology, home automation systems are finally within budget for many Bay Area homeowners – even if you don’t own your own start up.

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Benefits and Compromises With Soundbar Home Theater Technology

Audio Systems San Francisco

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As the market for soundbars grows, consumers are struggling to decide between investing in home theater surround sound and new soundbar technology. Soundbar technology provides users with better access to integration like Bluetooth wireless connectivity, but has it really proven itself among audiophiles? Is it worth the investment? Let’s examine some of the pros and cons. Read more »

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San Francisco Audio Systems Experts Share Insights

San Francisco audio systems

Whether you’re a film buff, a jazz obsessive or a commercial director or editor who needs to work from home, you want a superlative A/V experience. But can any home theater system really beat “the real thing” (e.g. a seat at the symphony or immersive movie theater?) A few years ago, you really couldn’t get this kind of quality, unless you invested in seriously expensive bells and whistles. However, new tech (and better cheaper tech) can now create an all-inclusive experience and allow you to enjoy movies, concerts, and regular programming without leaving the comfort of your home.

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Discussion of Low Voltage Wiring For New Home Construction

Home Theater San FranciscoSeveral decisions go into building a new home and implementing a home automation system. Homeowners must carefully consider the number of components, features, and room setups. First-time and renovating homeowners who install new systems should also consider one very important aspect of the overall process: the wiring.

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Advantages of Surround Sound Discussed by San Francisco Audio Systems Experts

Home Automation San FranciscoHave you ever stopped to think about how important sound is to your entertainment experience? Sure, the visual experience is important, but being immersed in sound is what really brings the experience to life, whether you’re watching a movie, enjoying a game, or attending a concert. Now, just imagine what it would be like to have that same immersive experience without having to leave the comfort of your own home. That’s what today’s home theater systems can do—deliver venue-quality sound right in your own home.

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San Francisco Home Automation Pros Discuss How to Properly Set Up

Home Theater San FranciscoAs you contemplate investing in a quality home theater installation, you first need to gauge your needs effectively so that you buy the right technology and avoid giving yourself too much work. Begin by evaluating the space within your home where you will put the equipment. Acoustically, the room should provide the right balance of sound absorption and reflection. A space that features the proper acoustics will yield a much better and richer auditory experience.

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Advice from a Danville Home Theater Consultant

San Francisco Home AutomationAre advanced home theater systems a luxury or a necessity? Whether you’re a Bay Area homeowner who’s considering adding a rec room after closing a major deal; or you’re a commercial director who wants to develop creative spec projects, if you desire better audio systems, you are not alone. In a 2013 national survey of those who own homes worth $1 million or more, more than half of respondents defined a home theater as an “essential” component.

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The Home Theater of the Future

Savant Home Automation System InstallationsSavant home automation systems can provide homeowners an incredible opportunity to access an array of time and energy saving features at the touch of a button. Once you get your system operational and integrated with your appliances and home electronics, you can manipulate and program diverse elements, like your thermostat, security, light switches, home theater system, and more. Control your home from anywhere in the world with one intuitive app. Read more »

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Boardroom Automation Tips from San Francisco Audio Systems Professionals

Boardroom Automation San JoseYour business’ conference room offers you an incredible first opportunity to make an impression on your clients, vendors and associates.

Some industry leaders claim that conference room automation technology has no place in a boardroom. Meetings should be face-to-face with as little distraction from “gizmos” as possible. However, technology can facilitate enduring, positive interactions and make business decidedly more human. Read more »