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Setting Up Your Home Audio System

Surround Sound InstallationWhether you’re a dyed-in-the-wool audiophile who’s researching home theater surround sound options in preparation for a big A/V equipment purchase; or you’re a newbie just getting started with home theater installation, you want to optimize speaker placement. This task may seem intuitive, but many different variables can impact your options and best practices. For instance: Read more »

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Home Theater & Audio Maintenance Tips

Flat Screen TV InstallationA home theater system and a young child together can be a dangerous duo. The many (often colorful!) components and electrical connections in your place — along with televisions, video players, and other elements of a home theater — can prove irresistible to an infant or toddler.

How can you manage the potential risks to your child’s safety – and your pocketbook? Childproofing your entertainment system is obviously a priority, but what should you do first, second, and so forth? Consider taking the following measures to avert potential crises: Read more »

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Automation Trends in San Francisco

San Francisco Home AutomationWhether you’re a Bay Area home automation buff who’s exploring a complex home theater installation project; or you’re an audiophile in search of the perfect audio systems for your home by the beach or downtown office, you want to stay on the cutting edge. Read more »

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Planning For Outdoor Surround Sound 

audio systems San FranciscoPerhaps you’re augmenting your audio system in San Francisco to prep for a massive July 4th shindig for your new start up. Or maybe you’re exploring home theater repair options because your teenagers got a little wild with their graduation day festivities. In either case, you crave ground rules. Whether you’re repairing or putting in a new audio system, ponder these three questions:

1. What’s the budget for the project?

If you have thousands to invest, you can obviously engineer an ornate set up. If you’re operating “lean,” you need to be more selective about your equipment and more resourceful about how to achieve an acceptable quality and scope of sound.

2. Are you constrained by your neighbors and any local ordinances?

Everyone loves a barbecue, but not everyone loves listening to someone else’s barbecue. Are your neighbors noise-sensitive? Are there any local ordinances that might restrict or limit your ability to blast tunes? Know these before you shop! For instance, there might be a neighborhood curfew, after which time you shouldn’t play loud music.

3. Does your patio protect against the elements?

Do you have a screened-in porch? Is your outdoor dining/sitting area exposed to the elements? The answers to these questions will determine the degree of “waterproofness” you will need from your audio system and help you make decisions about speakers and set up strategy.

4. What types of events will you hold outside?

Are you planning to host a World Cup watch party? Do you and your friends simply want to listen to music while sipping on sangria on the deck? Know the primary purpose for your speaker system, and you will automatically contain your budget and the project’s scope.

Need Advice? Talk To The Bay Area Home Automation Experts

For help with San Francisco home theater installation and repair, contact the Karbon Home Theater team today for a free consultation. Give us a call at 925-798-7600.



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Bay Area boardroom Automation

Maybe you’re opening up a San Francisco nightclub, restaurant or lounge, and you’re trying to hook up a fantastic, but complicated A/V set up. Or perhaps you’re remodeling a commercial center, and you want to include a high quality audio/visual experience without blowing your budget or burning up too much electricity. Read more »

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Common Home Theater Pitfalls

You’re searching for home theater installation help in San Francisco to “soup up” your A/V experience to impress or entertain friends. Or perhaps you’re shopping for a cool family gift to “wow” your kids or significant other. In either case, take heed and avoid making the following 4 critical home theater buying mistakes. Read more »

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Benefits of Installing a Home Theater

Flat Screen TV MountingYou don’t need to be sold on the aesthetic virtues of owning a home theater system — you probably can’t wait to experience rich surround sound, as you watch your favorite movies and listen to your favorite classical operas and orchestral pieces on your new system. But you might be surprised to learn that getting a home theater can yield other cool benefits: Read more »