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Surround Sound Audio Systems

San Francisco surround sound

Many articles about home audio and home theater services in the Bay Area get way too technical, way too quickly, to be of much use for beginners. Before you can compare specs on various speaker systems and components, you need to know some best practices. Read more »

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Home Automation And The Environment

In addition to installing and troubleshooting quality home theater services, Karbon Home Theater also strives to create energy efficient solutions. To that point, our home automation experts are deeply concerned about California’s ongoing drought. What systems can homeowners in the Bay Area use to save money and reduce burden on the environment? How can water and other resources be used more mindfully? Read more »

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Home Automation Trends for The Bay Area

The “home automation” meme has exploded over the past few years. Whether you’ve been a home-tech geek since the late 2000s; or you just hopped on the “smart home” bandwagon, let’s do a quick run down on the biggest development out of CES 2014: security systems. Read more »

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Bay Area Home Theater Maintenance

You need home theater repair help. Whether you’ve been tooling with your audio systems for several hours to no avail; or you’re shopping home theater services, and you’re overwhelmed about the technical specs, here’s a quick primer to help you think more clearly. Read more »

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Best Projectors for Bay Area A/V Enthusiasts

san francisco home theater installationA decade or so ago, it cost a small fortune to turn your home theater A/V setup into a “home cinema experience.” But thanks to the advent of several exciting technologies, more and more Bay Area audiophiles and cinema-philes can now afford high quality, tech-centered solutions. Let’s do a quick review of some of most exciting technologies on the market.

Read more »

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Audio/Visual Installation for Boardrooms

commercial audio visual systems

More and more Bay Area tech workers and entrepreneurs are abandoning traditional corporate campuses for “virtual offices.” But there’s still a time and place for a well-organized, smartly architected, automated boardroom. As certified installers of conference room technology, the Karbon Home Theater team can help you find, customize, install and troubleshoot your conference room technology. You can access cool processes that would seem like science fiction to office workers a generation ago, such as: Read more »

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Amp-Up Your San Francisco Audio System

audio systems San FranciscoAs someone who’s shopping for a home audio system, you know you need a good subwoofer to maximize performance. But why are subwoofers so integral to the sound experience? And how can you shop effectively for them? Read more »

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How to Make Your Bay Area Home a ‘Smart Home’

home automationHome automation is the wave of the future. Thanks to new smart home automation technologies, even homeowners on a budget can enjoy advantages that only existed as a glimmer in Bill Gates’ eye just 20 or so years ago.

Using your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, or other device, you can control diverse technologies in your home, such as your audio systems, home security systems, temperature and humidity system settings, heat usage, and lighting. Transitioning to a “smart home” is simpler and more affordable than you may realize. It can also provide a host of advantages and potentially add substantial value to your home. For instance: Read more »

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Getting Started with Home Automation

Home Automation Universal RemoteGet started with automating your home and simplify your home theater with the new MX-890 Universal Remote Control. Take command of everything in your home theater from lighting to audio to video with this tool. This powerful remote is easy to control, and can operate equipment in several different rooms. It comes with a color, high-resolution screen that you can customize to your needs, along with the traditional hard buttons for quick functionality.

Home Theater Installation Special

Get your universal remote set up during football season and before the holidays! Karbon Consulting is offering Free Programming (a $250 value) with purchase of the remote. Contact the home automation professionals at Karbon today for a free consultation: (925) 289-5555.