New Home Automation and Security Systems: Opportunity or Threat or Both?

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It’s no secret: the home security industry has been rocked by revolutionary hardware and software innovations. Even the most enthusiastic Bay Area technophile (and there are a lot of us) might hesitate at the thought of turning over home security to an automated system. After all, we have been raised on visions of vivid depictions of “machines gone mad.”

Bay Area Home Security and Automated Surveillance

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You’ve invested a lot of time and money furnishing your home. You want to protect your loved ones and your property with the most appropriate surveillance technology and home security systems. But the diversity of home security systems can be mind boggling; it’s difficult enough to even begin to research.

Protect Your Home & Work Place | Surveillance A Wise Investment

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No one likes to feel unsafe. The question of how best to guard our possessions, business secrets,and family preoccupy all of us. Different strategies are appropriate for different companies and families. If you run a software company that develops proprietary material that’s a juicy target for industrial espionage, for instance, you will have very different security needs and challenges than will a homeowner who simply wants to deter “work-a-day” break-ins and thefts.