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Home Theater & Audio Maintenance Tips

Flat Screen TV InstallationA home theater system and a young child together can be a dangerous duo. The many (often colorful!) components and electrical connections in your place — along with televisions, video players, and other elements of a home theater — can prove irresistible to an infant or toddler.

How can you manage the potential risks to your child’s safety – and your pocketbook? Childproofing your entertainment system is obviously a priority, but what should you do first, second, and so forth? Consider taking the following measures to avert potential crises:

1. Cover power strips and outlets. Power strip covers conceal these components and prevent children from pulling on plugs. Plug covers fit over wall electrical outlets and come in varieties that fit over plugged-in cords.

2. Anchor your television. San Francisco home theater services companies can provide flat-screen TV locks, which secure televisions to the wall to prevent tipping.

3. Secure theater components. Entertainment units with lockable glass doors allow remotes to control electronics while keeping unwanted fingers from prying.

4. Manage wires. Wall concealers, wraps, or ties keep wires together, making them less tempting for small hands.

5. Pay attention to accidents and near accidents. Have you found your children drawn to playing with colorful cords? Have you had any “tipping problems” — where your children (or their friends) have nearly tipped over stereos or TVs? Use these experiences to guide your safety prep.

Home Theater Repair Professionals

Despite efforts such as these, accidents sometimes cause damage, requiring the help of a skilled home theater repair service in San Francisco. Contact Karbon Home Theater for all your home theater installation and repair needs.

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