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Considering Bay Area Home Theater Equipment


Given the incredible sound now available in home audio systems as well as the recent advances in TV technology, summer 2015 marks an exciting time to set up a new home entertainment center. However, before you trick out your Bay Area apartment or solidify your plans for finishing your living room remodel, you need to identify the right TV technology for your needs. Here’s a quick primer.

Before you get started, you need to make two important decisions. First, do you want a smart TV or a regular “dumb” TV? Second, how big do you want the screen to be?

Smart versus dumb

Smart TVs let you do essential things like watch Netflix, but you don’t need to have a smart TV to binge watch shows on demand. A combination of a regular TV along with a set-top smart box may be a better choice for home theaters. Such a combo would likely be cheaper than buying a smart TV, and the set-top box, unlike a smart TV, continually updates its software via the Internet.

How big?

When it comes to TVs, size does matter, and bigger is often better. The optimal size screen for your home theater installation will depend on how far you plan to sit from the TV. Here’s a handy formula: multiply the distance, in inches, that you plan to sit from the screen by 0.625. That will give you an ideal lower-range number for the screen diagonal.

Get Help Choosing Your Bay Area Home Theater Components

The Karbon Home Theater team would be happy to help you explore the best TVs, audio systems, and other tech for your San Francisco home theater. Call us today at (925) 798-7600 or contact us directly from our website!

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