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Bay Area Commercial Automation 

Maybe you’re searching for conference room automation technology for your Bay Area startup. Or perhaps you’re hoping to improve, restore or repair boardroom automation technologies that your company purchased several months ago. You need a smoother system. Here are some principles to help you save money and time, as you make the transition.

boardroom automationWith home automation and home theater technologies, you can control A/V tech with the use of a single device and without having to train employees in complicated codes or protocols. Adjust lights, humidity and shade; engage in meetings with stakeholders around the globe; and shorten the lifecycles of processes in your business.

Here’s a small but potent example of how automation technology can improve the bottom line for your company.

Let’s say that, currently, all your key executives assemble every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00 a.m. for a meeting. Everyone gathers in the conference room, has a few snacks, and goes over budget reports and strategy ideas. This process is, on some level, a bit wasteful. Why? The transitions to get people into the conference room consume time. Plus, you need to sync up executives, clients or vendors with what happened in the meeting.

But what if, using automation technology, your executives could all talk with vendors and clients at the same time during the meeting? And let’s say this shaves 15 minutes off of the billable time for 24 different stakeholders. That’s 6 hours of billed time saved per meeting. Since you meet twice a week, that’s 12 hours saved a week or 48 hours of company time saved every month! In the perpetual race for competitive advantage, numbers like those can really add up.

Experience the Benefits of Boardroom Automation!

Talk to the San Francisco conference room automation experts here at Karbon Home Theater for help developing solutions for your company. Give us a call at 925-798-7600.


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