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New Televisions Throwing Home Theater a Curve Ball


Flat screen televisions serve as the centerpiece of home entertainment systems across the Bay Area, but a growing market for curved screens has challenged the prevailing entertainment paradigm and shifted consumer demand. Is this new technology right for you?


  • A “movie theatre” experience. You are immersed in the picture due to the curve of the screen.
  • Better depth perceptions. Even 2-D films have a 3-D feel due to the depth enhancement.
  • Wider field of vision. While curved screens technically increase the field, the actual difference is so slight as to be practically negligible.
  • Better contrast. Improved contrast is a function of the technology included in the curved TVs as opposed to something created by the physical curve of the glass itself.
  • They look cool. For some people, it’s all about the style.


  • Limited “sweet spot.” There is a perfect seating area in relation to the curved screen. If you aren’t in it, you won’t experience most of the benefits listed above.
  • Limited viewing range. The screen becomes unwatchable from certain angles in the room. If many people watch your home theater at once on a regular basis – for instance, if you own a bar or entertain guests frequently – a curved screen won’t a good choice.
  • Reflection issues. TV tech critics debate whether curved or flat televisions handle reflection better. So far, most analysts prefer flat screens.
  • Size matters. With curved screens, the bigger, the better. To optimize your viewing pleasure, you will need a lot of wall space.
  • Difficult installation. These screens are awkward to install, and they can stick out into the room and cause traffic flow issues.
  • Expense. Curved screens cost significantly more than flat ones.

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