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A Good Home Theater Experience Doesn’t Have to Cost a Lot

Perhaps you’re tired of shelling out a cool $300 every time you and your wife want a break from the kids, so you can enjoy a dinner-and-a-movie. Or maybe you’re a cinema buff who just really wants an awesome place to watch your favorite flicks in the comfort of your own home or apartment. In either event, here are 4 easy home theater design tips to save you money and time.

1. Invest in the basics home theater equipment.

Sure, old school TVs with 1970s antenna and squint-worthy 13-inch screens have their charm. But if you want a real cinematic experience – one that rivals going to your local multiplex – you need the right equipment. Get a widescreen, high-definition TV, surround sound system tools, and appropriate lighting. You don’t need to invest in a $2,500 set of receiver/speakers to enjoy cinema quality audio. But you do need to know your space and know what you want out of the experience.

2. “Dress up” your space for the movies.

Some at-home cinema lovers actually turn their spaces into pseudo movie theaters, complete with movie posters, Hollywood paraphernalia, dark curtains/blinds, etc. You need not go to this extreme. But make sure that your movie room is immersive and have fun with the decor. But make it decor that doesn’t vibrate or add unintentional noise.

3. Complete the experience with the right chairs and “concessions.”

One of the reasons why the love going to the movies is that we can buy junk food (jujubes, fresh popcorn, etc.) and lounge in the comfy theater chairs. Cozy seats can be a good investment – but they are heavy and hard to move around. So pick a seating arrangement and stick with it. And while it may seem impossible to get movie theater popcorn at home, the reality is that you can get much higher quality snacks for less money. Stock up and create a movie concessions style cupboard with your favorite snacks.

4. There is no reason to “DIY.”

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