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Bring the Theater Experience to Your Home Theater With Exclusive Flix Premiere Films

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The reality of the film business in 2016 means that many great films produced this year (and beyond) will never get their big-screen debuts. Services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime stream popular shows and create their own content, leaving no place in the lineup for unknown movies or risky, experimental theater. Flix Premiere gives high-quality yet unnoticed films a place to find an audience.

The Flix Premiere Difference

After the film festival season ends, several movie gems are not selected for distribution by the major distribution companies that already have a full slate of films to release. Flix Premiere reviews these movies which have been deemed unfit for big theater distribution and selects the best to include in its own line-up. Most of these films are from independent production companies, and they are relatively low budget (15 million or less). Many nevertheless boast A-list stars and compelling plots that audiences legitimately love (note: check out Rotten Tomatoes and other review sites to make sure you don’t grab a dud). In any case, you will want quality audio systems to hear every nuance.

How it Works

Each week, eight movies are “premiered,” and the service has exclusive rights to them for at least one year. Older movies are archived and available for viewing but only for the one-year exclusivity period. Unlike other streaming services, you don’t pay a subscription to Flix Premier. Instead, you purchase only the movies you want to see and enjoy them on your Bay Area home theater.

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