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Happy Holidays everyone!
will be wrapping up installations this week and then take a short break to spend time with friends and family. We know you’re busy, but do want to make you aware of a couple items before we break for the holiday:

Karbon is adding Google TV and DISH Network to our current offering. Many of you have been asking, and Yes, Karbon is now installing and supporting both. A quick overview:

What is Google TV?
Google TV is a small new interface (like a very small DVD player) requiring a broadband connection to the Internet. Google and Sony have teamed up offering several TVs that feature the Google interface. Logitech also has a product.

What can Google TV do for me?

  • Search, browse the Internet, stream movies and video – it’s all possible using Google TV!
  • Search access every channel, every app, and the entire web, simultaneously
  • User your phone as a remote control.
  • The Home screen is customizable, giving you quick access to your favorite channels, apps and websites.
  • Switching between TV and web is seamless, you can even watch both at the same time.
  • DISH Network subscriber enjoy enhanced features like recording and DVR access from the search bar.
  • Google TV setup is available from Karbon starting at $125.00 – makes a great gift!
Karbon is now Authorized Dealer with Disk Network, Sales & Service. If you’ve been thinking about changing providers, give us a call. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have including compatiblity with the grear you already own!
Check out the new SlingLoaded DISH ViP 922 DVR:
  • The only DVR with built-in Slingbox Technology
  • 1 terabyte hard drive – the TV industries largest
  • Graphical on-screen display to quickly find your favorite channels using familiar network logos
From all of us, to all of you, the very best,
Happy Holidays!

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