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Google TV? What is that all about? Karbon explains…

Google-TV and home theaters

So what’s all the buzz about Google TV?  For those on the cutting edge of computer geekdom, it’s old news.  But for everyone who possesses a television and even a modicum of internet acumen, not much more need be said beyond the name in order to grasp the concept.  Marrying a comparatively new phenomenon in global communication to a 1920’s era technology which quickly transmogrified into an American tradition, Google TV is, simply, Internet integrated television (not to be confused with Internet television which is a service distributed via the Internet).

In a collaborative effort boasting the likes of such electronic media giants as Sony, Intel, and Logitech, Google announced in May of this year that the new product, or platform as it were, allows full Internet access from your TV.  Gaming, email, chatting, on demand video?  Yes indeed.  Cable, satellite TV?  Affirmative.  Simultaneously watching and browsing?  Ditto that.  You can even create your own TV program playlist and queue it just as soon as you have time to watch.  And not to forget menu customization options for that personal touch, and a remote control equipped with full QWERTY keypad (or any Android phone or iPhone, voice activated if you wish).

Hardware is currently limited to either buying a television with Google TV already built in, or obtaining the Google TV converter box.  But not for long.  New systems being developed by both Sony and Logitech will incorporate the platform in their HDTV sets and, in the case of Sony, Blu-ray disc players as well.  The platform is based on the Android operating system hence, come 2011 (right around the corner, folks) expect a host of new apps from Android developers.  And Web developers too are busy enhancing for television some of the most popular Internet sites.

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