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Of the five HDMI cable types available, which is best for your home entertainment or business needs? This article will introduce you to basic specs and connect you with a resource in the San Francisco Bay Area that can help you get the components you need to make your AV set up rock.

1. Standard HDMI cable

This “oldie but goodie” is still good for the vast majority of home setups. It works with 720p and 1080i video transmissions, the most standard transmissions for digital HD, satellite TV, top-end DVD players, etc.

2. High-speed HDMI

This cable is more power-packed – it can transmit 1080p video and also deliver deep color, 3D, 4K, and other “bleeding-edge” video technology. If you have a Blu-ray player, this is probably the cable to get.

3. HDMI cable with Ethernet

This is basically the same cable as the first one we discussed with an additional bonus – a separate Ethernet data channel that can help you network with devices enabled for Ethernet.

4. High-speed HDMI cable with Ethernet added.

See the answer just above. This is basically the high-speed HDMI cable upgraded to have the extra dedicated Ethernet channel.

5. Standard Automotive HDMI

Automotive cables have to be able to send robust signals, so they must achieve a higher bar for performance. Although this cable does not support the Ethernet data channel, it can transmit the same resolutions that standard cables can – 720p and 1080i and below.

Which HDMI cable solution is right for you?

There is nothing more annoying than purchasing the wrong cable type for your application – and then discovering this bad fit at 11:00pm at night as you’re trying to put your system together. Choosing the appropriate cables – the right “stuff” for your application – can be a dicey business, even if you’re something of a technophile and A/V wiz.

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