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Perhaps you just bought a new, comprehensive home theater system. Or maybe you’re just shopping for a Bay Area vendor of high quality speaker systems. In any event, there’s a nagging, concern at the back of your mind: where ARE you going to put all of this “stuff”?

How should you incorporate your A/V equipment into your apartment/home without turning the place into a nest of wires, cables, boxes, speakers, and other coiled and cluttered junk?

There are many reasons why you should want to “hide” your electronic equipment:TV and Audio Installation

  • Protect yourself from a liability lawsuit (the last thing in the world you need is Santa taking you to court after he trips and falls on loose wires by your tree);
  • Prevent your kids and toddlers from “getting into” stuff that could harm them, such as wires and cords;
  • Make your space look beautiful, clean and crisp.

Here are some tips to get the job done:

1. Rethink your space from a point of view of “beginners mind.”

Feng Shui is good. Right now, your living room, office space, or wherever else “looks right” and everything fits in its space. Don’t hold on to that layout. Don’t get attached. Instead, try to reinvent the space from the bottom up to incorporate the equipment. Don’t adapt your new stuff to the space; adapt your space to the new stuff, in other words.

2. Experiment. You won’t find the perfect setup right away.

Move things around a bit. Try different configurations. Talk to friends, family members, and even random delivery people. Get opinions. Try things out. See how they feel.

3. Go small.

Do you really need enormous boxy speakers, or can you abide by smaller but still powerful units? Thanks to breakthroughs in design and technology, you need not spend a fortune to get super slim components.

4. Work with professionals to maximize your space.

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