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Bluetooth has been bringing people together for over 1,000 years. Literally! King Harold Bluetooth, a Danish king of yore (from the 1100s), famously united various warring Scandinavian factions into a cohesive entity. Likewise, Bluetooth technology today helps various wireless devices – which otherwise might “fight against” one another – connect.

In other words, using Bluetooth tech, different products — manufactured by different companies — can connect and talk to one another. Bluetooth creates ad-hoc temporary networks that allow multiple devices (up to seven) to communicate. These devices generally need to be in physical proximity for the technology to work. To “talk” successfully, they need a Bluetooth adapter. Otherwise, they can’t join the conversation.

Think back to King Harold Bluetooth. Imagine he sets up a dinner (analogous to one of these ad-hoc networks) to get warring Swedes and Norwegians to “talk” to one another – to have a mutually intelligible conversation – but he forgets to give the Swedish dispatch a key to the castle. So they never arrive, the conversation never takes place, and chaos reins.

Analogously, you need Bluetooth adapters and input devices to make the conversation happen. Some electronic devices have Bluetooth adapters built into them. You can also purchase standalone adapters for various products online or from Radio Shack. Once the Bluetooth devices locate each other, you need to enter a pairing key to secure the connection. This will be a code — usually four to six digits long. If the pairing goes successfully, the devices will begin to talk to each other, and you are in business.

That’s a basic introduction to key concepts. But if you need help understanding how to get various home audio and media components talking with one another effectively – e.g. help with a whole custom home theater system – turn to the friendly, technologically savvy, and effective team at Karbon Home Theater Consulting.

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