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Amp-Up Your San Francisco Audio System

audio systems San FranciscoAs someone who’s shopping for a home audio system, you know you need a good subwoofer to maximize performance. But why are subwoofers so integral to the sound experience? And how can you shop effectively for them?

Deep Science about Deep Sounds

As humans, we can hear a wide range of frequencies – from 20 Hertz to 20,000 Hertz, give or take. To create a truly fulfilling, “Hollywood-like” A/V experience, your surround sound system should be able to hit all of these critical frequencies, especially the low notes. Your center and front channels probably will not be able to produce adequate low frequency sound to make an experience sound “complete.” A subwoofer fills in the missing “sound pieces.”

Unfortunately, to create these really low frequency waves, the speaker needs to have big drivers to generate the long sound waves. Without extra muscle from the drivers, the quality of sound will be tinny and unpleasant.

When you’re picking out subwoofers, consider the size and power of the equipment. As a general rule: the larger the subwoofer, the more power it will generate, and the lower notes it will be able to produce. Where you place the subwoofer also matters. Very low sound waves are “omni-directional” – meaning that they go out in many different ways. Both how and where you place the subwoofer — as well as the type of speaker enclosure — can affect the end result. A bass reflex enclosure is efficient, but less accurate, fidelity-wise. An acoustic suspension leads to more accurate sound fidelity, but it also consumes more power.

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Installation of Your Home Audio System

To piece together your ideal Bay Area surround sound system, turn to the team here at Karbon Home Theater for a free and thorough consultation. Give us a call today at 925.798.7600 or fill out our online contact form here on our website.

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