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Home Automation: Is It Really Worth the Hassle?

You and your spouse have spent a not inconsiderable amount of time contemplating an upgrade to your home entertainment and energy system.  Perhaps you even considered automating aspects of the process. But inertia is a powerful “de-motivator” and so far you have not pulled
the trigger. It’s time to ask yourself a decisive question: is it really worth it to you, moneywis  and otherwise, to switch over to an automated system? Or do you feel comfortable retaining the  current system you have or modifying it just only slightly?

To try to “push you over the edge,” we ask that you consider four “pluses” of home automation:

1. Benefits Galorehome-automation

When you automate in a flexible and scalable way, you can control your lighting, security, A/C, and entertainment system from a single node – such as a laptop, tablet, remote or even a mobile phone. Win the war over the endlessly proliferating swarm of remote controls stashed at various places around your home. Powerful wireless solutions allow you to do home automation easily and fast.

2. Convenience

Whether you are the parent of three teenagers who constantly vie for who gets to use what asset of your home theater system when; or you are an overloaded profession with too much stuff to do and not enough time to do it, an automation solution will pay you back and then some. Face it: you’ve never really learned all of the features your current system has, and you constantly waste time relearning which remotes control which aspects of your system. Follow the golden rule of productivity: Keep it Simple Stupid (kiss) and get your home automation solution.

3. Green Energy Savings

An automation system can reduce your energy costs. No more “failing to remember” to turn down the A/C or to turn off lights, etc. Create and adjust temperature set points for maximum comfort, automatically dim or turn off lights when you are not in the room, and so forth. The savings may vary, depending on your typical consumption patterns, but they can add up and up and up over the years to come.

4. Security

No more “forgetting” to turn on the alarm or to flip on the lights before you go away on a vacation. Your automation solution can do that all for you.

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