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Home Automation and Control4

As a Bay Area audiophile and self-styled film buff, you’re always on the make for new, cool ways to automate your home systems. Perhaps you were one of the first kids on your block to subscribe to Wired. Or maybe you can’t help but obsess over every shiny new object that you read about online, hear about on a podcast, or jealously ogle while at some fancy-pants’ house.

Enter Sony’s Control4.

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Control4 gives you unparalleled capacity to automate the functions of Sony receivers. Some higher end receivers even have Control4 software built in, too, which is awesome.

According to a CNET review, the interface for Control4 is simple and user-friendly. It’s a snap to set up using the Wizard, so you need not fear getting lost with the technical “stuff”.

The Control4 software makes you feel like the Captain of the Starship Enterprise. You can control your ethernet, media, amplification, HDMI switches, thermostat, electronic locks, lighting, shades, and even your kids (okay, last item on the list was made up, but still…).

The Control4 can help you customize your viewing and listening experiences.

For instance, say you’re a Bay Area commercial director. You’ve just invited some powerful execs over to your house to screen your latest big project. Instead of delaying the rollout — while you fiddle with the thermostat, shades and audio controls, etc — you can use Control4 to “tee up” the perfect watching/listening conditions.

Or, say you’re having a rocking house party. In one room, people are dancing and going crazy. In another room, for whatever reason, people are quietly discussing the stock market. Well, using Control4, you can stream “party music” into the dance room and “classical tunes” into the stock market room. Stream from or Pandora or from your own private play list.

Warning: There’s a bit of a learning curve!

It’s unlikely that you will operate your receiver with the cool confidence of Captain Picard with just a few minutes’ training. But the long-term power you’ll enjoy with this toy — and the time you’ll save — is hugely impressive. It can make a huge practical difference for your life and even you save you money on lighting/heating costs.

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