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Home Automation Perks for Pet Owners


Home automation systems are used to remotely manage the lights, thermostats and alarm systems, but pet lovers find that these technologies also help keep their furry and finny friends safe and happy. What home automation features might a pet owner use to help control the environment for their four legged friends?

Pet Doors and Perimeter Warnings
New technologies allow owners to receive alerts when cats or dogs use their pet doors or slip through fences. A pet door can be locked or unlocked remotely to keep your pet indoors during inclement weather and maintain the overall security of your home.

Temperature and Lights
Just like humans, pets enjoy an environment that is not too hot or cold. Others feel safest when the lights are on during evening hours. Using home automation systems, you can manage these functions from work to keep your pets happy when you’ve had a schedule change. Sensors can also be used to keep pets off of furniture and countertops.

Worry-Free Vacations
Use automation to allow a pet sitter access to your home while you are on vacation. This assures that you receive the services you paid for and your pets get the care they need. Bay Area home automation also allows you to set up live video feeds, giving you peace of mind that your pets are well.

Leak-Free Fish Tanks
You can remotely monitor and control the lights in your fish tank to reduce algae growth and maintain fish health. Automation can also include tank leak alerts to protect your fish, furniture and floors in the event of a leak.

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Home Automation Offers Amazing Convenience and Control of Your Home

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