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Automation in the Bay Area

We’ve been blogging about San Francisco home automation and theater installation for years now. These technologies are really quite accessible. Nevertheless, many consumers and even some industry watchers have been dubious about whether they will ever go “mainstream.”Is home automation destined to be the province of the super wealthy and/or the dyed-in-the-wool technophiles for years, perhaps decades?

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Last month, that question was answered definitively: no, it’s not “just a trend.”

We can say this with reasonable certainty because two of the biggest tech companies in the world, Apple and Google, just jumped on the bandwagon. Apple announced the rollout of its HomeKit developer platform. This is a powerful suite of solutions that lets home automation devices from competitive companies talk to one another. You can use your iPad or iPhone to control devices from a central location.

Not to be outdone, Google just bought the company Dropcam, a home security camera business, in a move designed to complement its purchase earlier this year of Nest Labs, another camera and home security firm. Clearly, Google and Apple are jockeying to grab and exploit what they see is a booming home automation market.

Apple’s basic idea is to allow users to leverage their iPads and iPhones to connect to the so-called “Internet of Things,” like cameras, alarms, thermostats, audio systems, etc. Using Siri, for instance, you can bark instructions at your things and make things happen in your home. If you want to shut off the lights in your kids’ room during bedtime, you can just tell Siri “turn off the lights in the kids’ room.”

Whatever happens in the battle between the behemoths — Nest versus HomeKit — consumers are bound to reap some benefits and see some awesome new developments.

Bay Area Home Automation Services

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