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The Home Theater of the Future

Savant Home Automation System InstallationsSavant home automation systems can provide homeowners an incredible opportunity to access an array of time and energy saving features at the touch of a button. Once you get your system operational and integrated with your appliances and home electronics, you can manipulate and program diverse elements, like your thermostat, security, light switches, home theater system, and more. Control your home from anywhere in the world with one intuitive app.

The Savant home automation system installation process can be somewhat confusing, however, even if you enjoy getting into the weeds with technology. Fortunately, you don’t have to troubleshoot the process on your own or reinvent the wheel. Effective professional network installers, like Karbon Home Theater team, can get you up and running, so that the system is customized for your needs, and they can also help you learn how to use and coordinate various interfaces and manage future changes you might need.

Advanced Savant features provide users with astonishingly fine-grained control over day to day activities. Play music throughout your home during a party based on a pre-programmed playlist; or adjust the thermostat 30 minutes before you arrive in the afternoon, and your home will be temperate and ready to accommodate you. Security systems feel a little more secure when you can receive automated texts alerting you to alarms or inconsistencies with a routine. You can also open video feeds to visually inspect the premises when you’re away.

Call the Leading Savant Home Automation System Experts Today

The Savant system constitutes one of the market’s top of the line automation products, but it is surprisingly affordable. The full package price to outfit a room runs at about $1,600. All told, you get a lot for your money. The system features three integrated components, including a universal remote, your main hub, and the sensors needed to connect your systems. If you’re interested in home automation, you’ll love this all inclusive system. Call Karbon Home Theater at  at 925-798-7600 to learn more or to get help installing or troubleshooting your system.

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