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San Francisco Home Automation Pros Discuss How to Properly Set Up

Home Theater San FranciscoAs you contemplate investing in a quality home theater installation, you first need to gauge your needs effectively so that you buy the right technology and avoid giving yourself too much work. Begin by evaluating the space within your home where you will put the equipment. Acoustically, the room should provide the right balance of sound absorption and reflection. A space that features the proper acoustics will yield a much better and richer auditory experience.

Concrete walls and floors are not acoustic-friendly. If you’re doing a full remodel, consider raising the floors with materials that are good for acoustics (e.g. floating wood floor) to improve the sound quality. In addition, layered drywall can lead to interesting, exotic kinds of acoustics. But if it’s too difficult or expensive to execute a remodel that will accommodate future acoustic needs, that’s understandable. Instead, use strategically placed rugs and curtains to improve acoustic quality without restructuring the space.

The right audio systems also make a difference in the overall home theater experience. Do your research to identify the best types of systems for your space and listening needs. The needs of a professional director differ from those of a jazz audiophile, which in turn differ from those of a classical composer who loves experimental pop classical music. Quality home theater systems highlight the auditory and visual experience, maximized according to furniture placement. Ideally, design the system so that your seat is in the middle of the room. Consider getting a full A/V system, including a large, high-quality viewing screen, surround sound speakers, and subwoofers.

To finish the installation preparation, integrate a home automation system; this will allow you remote access control of your new home theater. From the comfort of your theater chair, you can also manipulate temperature, lighting, and security features like locks and external cameras.

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