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How safe are home security automation systems?

It’s no secret: the Bay Area home security industry has been rocked by revolutionary hardware and software innovations. Safety-conscious homeowners in the Bay Area and elsewhere can now automate their homes to an astonishing degree. Whether you want to remotely alter when and how certain lights dim — to ward-off prospective burglars while you’re away on holiday — or you crave a super robust tracking system to help you reduce energy costs and improve your home entertainment experience, you are in for a treat.

Ube home security app

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Companies like Ube — which use cloud-enabled automation systems to provide security and other cool features — are transforming the very nature of home security. Advocates of Ube’s new platform, for instance, suggest that homeowners can leverage simple hardware to configure controls, even if you don’t have Wi-Fi installed on every outlet and light switch.

Lots of Excitement: But, Also, Security Concerns

How safe, exactly, are these home security automation systems?

Even the most enthusiastic Bay Area technophile (and there are a lot of us) might hesitate at the thought of turning over home security to an automated system. After all, we have been raised on visions of vivid depictions of “machines gone mad.” If you’ve ever watched the Terminator movies or mulled over the mysterious meddling of Hal from Stanley Kubrick’s “Space Odyssey,” you appreciate the need for caution.

In other words, these technologies may sound good on paper, but how secure are they in reality? Moreover, might there be hidden sacrifices or costs? For instance, Ube’s business plan telegraphs the company’s desire to broadcast hyper-targeted ads and otherwise leverage data collated from subscribers to monetize. This may strike some homeowners as “big brotherish.”

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