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Home Automation Trends for The Bay Area

The “home automation” meme has exploded over the past few years. Whether you’ve been a home-tech geek since the late 2000s; or you just hopped on the “smart home” bandwagon, let’s do a quick run down on the biggest development out of CES 2014: security systems.

CES 2014 saw its fair share of breathtaking innovations in entertainment, climate control and the A/V world. But the home security systems had everyone gabbing. Let’s examine a diverse selection of next-gen security tech.


Imagine a coke bottle from the far future guarding your home. Sounds like science fiction? Nope, it’s science FACT. The Canary is very easy to program, and it can alert you at the slightest peep. Too much noise, a subtle change in temperature, or a slight movement will spark the Canary to action. The device can video events and record them for reference as well as send alerts to your smartphone or to the police. Great for renters.


If you’re really into control — or just a tad on the paranoid side — Piper is a thing of beauty. This home security system almost feels like it’s been teleported from the 22nd century. Not only can you program it to various modes (e.g. work, home, out of the country, etc), but you can also integrate it with Z-Wave sensors, which can turn practically any object in your home or office into a web-connected device. True fact. The future is here.

Staples Connect

The Staples Connect is great for the dyed in the wool technophile who already has a multitude of web connected devices and who doesn’t want to toggle between them. The

Staples Connect also features remarkable energy conservation systems.

mother-home-automationThe Mother

The Mother, by, might be better named “Big Brother,” since it monitors your every move to make sure you do things like eat your vegetables, take your vitamins, and drink enough water. In addition to keeping you on track with your fitness/health/whatever goals, The Mother also acts as a security system.

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