Karbon offers a variety of home automation controls for your SF Bay Area home.

Savant AutomationKarbon Home Theater is an authorized dealer for Savant Home Automation Systems. Savant is the most respected and trusted name in home automation, providing control without compromise. Installed in more homes worldwide than most other brands, Savant is the global standard, backed by Savant quality, expertise and support. Savant products work without special wiring seamlessly. Fast and reliable means any home system can be set up quickly and easily saving time and money.

Easy to Use

Savant home automation systems intelligently manages home entertainment, lighting, thermostats and more. Simple, one-button operation serves up whatever you desire. Modern home management keeps you in control. Access your system from online, from anywhere.

Affordable Home AUTOMATION

Peace of mind, security and happiness are not luxuries reserved only for the privileged anymore. Karbon Consulting provides the highest level of home entertainment and convenience for your family, lifestyle and budget. Build on a flexible and scalable platform, that allows you to start with home theater operations today; then add on music throughout the house tomorrow, then add lighting, security systems and climate control and even control the system from laptops and mobile devices.

Improved Sustainable

Savant home automation systems is so smart it will even save money after it’s installed. Reduce energy demand while reducing costs without compromising your comfort. Dim home lights or turn them off when the rooms are vacant. Installing multiple thermostats to create smaller zones for reduced heating and cooling, and create temperature set points for simple, effective environmental control.

Savant home automation systems