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Surround Sound Audio Systems

San Francisco surround sound

Many articles about home audio and home theater services in the Bay Area get way too technical, way too quickly, to be of much use for beginners. Before you can compare specs on various speaker systems and components, you need to know some best practices.

Flat Screen TV MountingSurround Sound

“Surround sound” allows the listener to feel immersed in the music or TV show (or other form of entertainment). A typical set up might involve a center front speaker, two side speakers, and two rear speakers — all augmented by a subwoofer that pumps out rich, deep basso sounds. 

Location Location Location

How do you pick the right location for your speakers? Many newbies make serious errors on this front. Their A/V set-ups lead to fires, equipment damage, or just lousy quality viewing/listening experiences. Here are some good rules of thumb:

  • Avoid putting your AV equipment near fireplaces or under sprinklers;
  • Avoid exposing your equipment to significant amounts of direct sunlight;
  • Keep cords tied up and out of the way, especially if young kids or animals run around your place. 

Audio Balance

Finding the right balance for your speakers and sound system requires some experimentation. Each room boasts unique acoustic properties, which can change based on factors like:

  • Whether you have hardwood floors or rugs;
  • The placement of furniture around the room;
  • Where the viewer/listener sits;
  • What feels comfortable/enjoyable to you.

Don’t let these concerns daunt you. Instead, contact the Karbon Home Theater and Home Automation experts today to discuss your ideal sound set-up. We can provide a free estimate and answer your questions. Call us today: 925-798-7600.

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