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Home Theater Must-Haves

You’re someone trying to figure out an ideal home theater installation process that won’t blow your budget or waste your time. What are the essentials? What are the “must haves”?

Here are 4 ideas:

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1. A great screen.

There is no one “perfect screen.” If you live in a cramped beach-side apartment, you may want a collapsible screen. If you’re one who likes watching classic war movies, a projector screen may be ideal. Here’s a down and dirty shortcut for figuring out how big the screen should be. Measure how far you’ll be sitting from the screen, in inches. Multiply that number by 0.84: that’s how many inches your screen should be to minimize eyestrain and maximize comfort.

2. Find a TV that will allow you to watch diverse “stuff.”

We have officially entered “the future.” You can access multimedia creations from the web, from TV, from Netflix, and more without leaving the comfort of your couch. To enjoy the fruits of this technological labor, you’ll need a centralized media hub to play video games, access content from Netflix and Amazon, check live sports broadcasts, and stream shows from Hulu.

3. A great sound system.

Unless you’re an audio engineer, get help putting together your surround sound system, beta testing it, troubleshooting it, and keeping it online and in great shape.

4. Identify your key listening/viewing purposes.

Reflect on what you and your family will mostly likely use the A/V system to do. If you’re listening/watching for work (e.g. if you’re a TV director or composer), you will have very different needs than if you’re a big sports fan or a classical music/jazz buff.

Professional Guidance on Home Theater Installation

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