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Common Home Theater Pitfalls

You’re searching for home theater installation help in San Francisco to “soup up” your A/V experience to impress or entertain friends. Or perhaps you’re shopping for a cool family gift to “wow” your kids or significant other. In either case, take heed and avoid making the following 4 critical home theater buying mistakes.

Bay Area Theater Installation

1. Putting your television too far above the floor.

Yes, it can look cool and “space age” to have a television mounted near your ceiling. But if your TV is levitated 8 feet or more above the floor, you’re going to have to crane your neck and strain to look at the picture. Plus, if the TV ever falls (due to a Bay Area earthquake, e.g.), it can seriously hurt anyone standing within a close radius of it.

2. Buying a TV that’s just not right for the space.

Just because a TV looks like the perfect size in the store doesn’t mean it will look right when you get it home. A mismatched TV can make any space look bizarre, almost cartoonish. For instance, picture a massive, megalithic flat screen installed in a tiny kitchen or serving room; this set up would look absurd. Conversely, imagine putting a too-small TV into a large living room or den. You and you guests would have to squint to see the picture, and the TV’s “wrong” size would make the room’s entire aesthetic look awkward. The TV should also match the room’s décor, color, and style.

3. Skimping on speakers, especially if you’re setting up a home theater in a big space.

Small speakers, such as satellite speakers, can offer robust sound without consuming too much real estate. But there’s a time and place for these tools. If you “under amplify” your home theater system, you’ll create a meek, disappointing A/V experience for everyone — especially for guests you’re trying to impress — and defeat the purpose of investing in a high quality experience.

4. Going through the home theater research and installation process by yourself.

Even if you’re a self-proclaimed audiophile and inveterate do-it-yourselfer, save yourself the time and hassle — getting your home theater installation wrong can eat up a lot of time and money for no reason. Sometimes it pays to have the professionals do the work.

Avoid these Mistakes and Call Karbon Home Theater!

Contact the Karbon team right now for a free consultation to get an awesome theater or a/v system at the right price — one that’s right for your needs and your space. You can reach us at 925-798-7600.




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