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San Francisco Audio Systems Experts Share Insights

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Whether you’re a film buff, a jazz obsessive or a commercial director or editor who needs to work from home, you want a superlative A/V experience. But can any home theater system really beat “the real thing” (e.g. a seat at the symphony or immersive movie theater?) A few years ago, you really couldn’t get this kind of quality, unless you invested in seriously expensive bells and whistles. However, new tech (and better cheaper tech) can now create an all-inclusive experience and allow you to enjoy movies, concerts, and regular programming without leaving the comfort of your home.

Here are 5 reasons why the at-home experience is in fact even better than “the real thing”:

1. You can control multiple systems. Theaters tied into a home automation system provide homeowners with a way to manipulate security systems, lights, thermostat settings, smart appliances and more, all from the comfort of a single device. Yes, we are, indeed, living in the future, a la The Jetsons.

2. Movies are just the beginning. Watch the news, play games, or host your own private music concert with a home theater system; you get to make up the rules for the party.

3. You don’t have to dress up. Wear pajamas or lounge clothes to watch your favorite movies. Grab a blanket and pillow to make the experience even more comfortable. Make your own popcorn in the microwave without spending $10 on it. Or, better yet, skip the popcorn and have a healthier gourmet treat, like a grass fed steak and kale salad.

4. Hit pause whenever you want. You no longer have to suffer through an entire movie or wait for a break in the action. Simply hit pause and run to the restroom or pop more corn (or grill more steak).

5. Get simple, affordable help with the set up. The team at Karbon Home Theater specializes in Bay Area home and conference room automation solutions. We can help you reach your entertainment and presentational goals and fully customize an awesome experience for you and your family.

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