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Home Theater Maintenance Tips

Danville Home TheaterWhether you are a technophile who has invested heavily in home automation technology and home theater installation, or you’re a homeowner doing routine spring cleaning, here are critical tips for how to refurbish your technology and keep it looking smooth and optimized:

Clean your screens

There is no one size fits all recipe to clean screens: consult your manufacturer’s instructions. However, do not – repeat, do not – use Windex or other caustic cleaning agents, as these can destroy your screen and even invalidate your warranty.

Dust and clear projectors

Again, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. Go light on “product,” and only use solutions or agents deemed appropriate for the material. Clean up the dust, and not just for aesthetic reasons. Dust in sensitive projector components can cause malfunctions or degrade image quality. Avoid using cold compressed air, which can damage the projector’s components.

Clean the speakers

Defer to manufacturer’s instructions. You can generally use a cloth to wipe away dust, debris or stains. In some cases, you can use an appropriate vacuum attachment. Alternatively, employ a duster rag or feather duster. Just remember this golden rule: the wrong cleaning technology or product can damage the speakers or render them inoperable.

Attend to other elements of the system, including furniture, curtains, racks, etc.

The same caveats as above apply. However, you may want to hire a professional cleaning company to remove caked on, embedded stains, such as oils or chemical spills. Document your cleaning system, so that you will know exactly how to clean your home theater system on a quarterly basis or more frequently, if necessary.

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