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Bay Area Home Theater Maintenance

You need home theater repair help. Whether you’ve been tooling with your audio systems for several hours to no avail; or you’re shopping home theater services, and you’re overwhelmed about the technical specs, here’s a quick primer to help you think more clearly.

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First of all, if you haven’t been getting power, check your surge protector. If you’ve correctly plugged everything in (have you?), a faulty or unplugged surge protector may be why you’re not getting anything to turn on.

If you haven’t been getting reception, check connections. Is your satellite box plugged in? How about your cable box? If you have a Roku box or other cable or satellite box, is it linked up to your television by the appropriate video connection? Your lack of reception could also be caused by inappropriate inputs to and from your receiver.

If you have bad picture quality, the cable may be frayed, damaged or poorly connected. If you have a replacement cable on hand, swap it out and see what happens to the picture. If you have a cable provider, call the company’s hotline to get input. Sometimes, a bad HDMI connection can happen because of an inadequate “HDMI handshake.” This means that, for whatever reason, the HDMI signal is not being picked up or communicated by key components. You can use a process known as a “sequential turn-on process” to identify the problem with the HDMI signal, and research firmware updates that might be creating the communication problems.

Here’s a general rule for repairing and managing home theater issues: treat them like systems problems. In other words, get to the source of the issues and deal with them. If all else fails, you can always call us to arrange a custom theater repair job.

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