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Buying Quality Components for your Audio System Means Nothing Without Mindful Installation


Whether you’re assessing various audio systems for your San Francisco studio, or you’re a new (but nevertheless enthusiastic) audiophile, you want insight into what you can do to “hack” your sound system and make it more robust, more efficient and better for your listening purposes. To that end, here are some proven tips from experienced audio installers.

First off, ensure the right wiring for your speakers.

Are the speakers correctly hooked up to your receiver or amplifier? Is the speaker polarity connected correctly? Most cords come with pretty intuitive polarity markers, but given the sheer number and diversity of wires, it’s easy to mix things up, which can cause the entire system to fire out of phase.

Decide where the listener will be in the room.

Make sure, for simple stereo speakers, that the front of the speakers are equidistant and the sound that comes from the tweeters will reach the listener’s ear level. Surround sound speakers, meanwhile, should be placed to the side and just behind the main listening position.

Don’t be afraid to experiment a bit.

Adjust the speaker positions as well as where the listener sits and tweak settings to compliment your favored musical genre. Home automation and the ability to control your home audio system remotely can help tremendously with adjusting and optimizing your system as you sit in your ideal listening position.

Invest in high quality cables.

Do this not only to ensure the quality and robustness of your sound but also to reduce your amplifier’s load.

Identify and fix any problems with the acoustics of your room.

Elements such as carpeting, curtains, toys, furniture and even mirrors and wall-hangings can all subtly affect the acoustics of your home automation sound system. Obviously, you don’t want to create awkward “feng shui” or focus on acoustics over home comfort, but strive to use the room’s natural acoustics to your advantage.

Home Audio Systems are Complex, Let Karbon Help

These steps really only scratch the surface. To truly optimize your experience, connect with the team here at Karbon Home Theater for insights and information about how we can optimize not only your audio systems but your whole home now. We serve the Bay Area, and we provide expert home theater repair, advanced home automation, and outstanding home audio installation, service, and assistance in the selection and purchase process. Contact Karbon at (925) 798-7600 or contact us from our website for information about what we can do to improve your home theater, audio, and home automation experience.

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