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The Benefits of Hiring a Professional

You fancy yourself as someone who’s technically savvy.  Maybe friends constantly call you to defrag their computers, fix buggy cell phones, and set up and install home stereo systems. Maybe you even have an older relative or two who asks you to do things like “turn on my computer” and “get my cell phone to stop beeping” or some such nonsense. In any event, whether you are this type of person or not – whether you love the nuts and bolts of technology or not – you should always hire a professional to install your home theater system.

It’s not just a matter of “doing it right.” If you are truly technically proficient, you might be able to figure everything out on your own. And if you truly love solving mechanical problems, more power to you. But most people out there – including most of the “tech adept” people we referred to above – will benefit by hiring a home theater consultant, such as the pros at Karbon Home Theater Consulting 925-795-7600. We advise you to check out our credentials and professional capabilities online. But we don’t simply want to toot our own horn here. We want to highlight the surprising problems – possibly very surprising problems – that you might encounter if you try to “go it alone.”

1. Wasted Time and Frustration

Frustrated from installing his own surround sound


You might think that the installation will take only two hours. But what if it takes 10 hours? What if you have to spend Friday and Saturday night troubleshooting? Your time has value. The more time you spend at work, having fun, playing with your family, in essence, the better your life is. When you are mired in a thankless task – such as troubleshooting and beta testing some quirky part of your home theater system – you miss out on the truly great stuff life has to offer.





2. You Could Hurt Yourself

Bad Back from lifting 72" Flat screen TV


Depending on the size, scope, and nature of your home theater system, you may need to lift extremely heavy, delicate machinery. You also need to deal with complex electronics. The sheer number of ways you could hurt yourself while completing the installation could fill five blog posts of their own. You could drop a stereo component on your foot and break your ankle. You could electrocute yourself. You could wrench your back trying to hoist a monitor into place. And so on and so for




3. You are Reinventing the Wheel



This kind of goes back to number 1. Unless you love figuring this stuff out – and very few people do – why bother? At Karbon Home Theater, our professionals have systems and processes to ensure efficient system design and home theater installation.








4. You Probably Won’t Get the Results You Want

Designing and installing a home theater system requires deep experience and knowledge of dozens of variables, many of which only the professionals know and understand. Even if you’re not an audiophile – and even then, you still wouldn’t notice if your home theater system wasn’t set up “perfectly” – it just isn’t worth it to spend a lot of money on an expensive, high-quality theater system only to negate those features by setting everything up improperly.

These four points only scratch the surface.

But hopefully you are at least beginning to understand how and why contacting Karbon Home Theater Consulting for a free estimate to set up your home theater, surround sound and system design, will not only save you a head ache but will ensure you complete satisfactory full all of your home entertainment needs.Mounted TV and Surround Sound




Whenever you are ready, give the home theater pros a call at 925-795-7600.

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