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If you’re in market for a Bay Area home theater system upgrade, pay close attention: the Klipsch HD Theater 600 may be an ideal solution. When paired with an appropriately potent receiver, this Klipsch system delivers awesome, expansive sound. It’s unobtrusive, beautiful and efficient.

Rated at 30hz to 20Khz, the Klipsch is dynamic, so you’ll likely want an amplifier that has 100+ watts per channel to maximize quality/versatility. But you don’t need a massive amp to get the job done. Subwoofer and satellite sound systems can be tricky to balance: you must be mindful of your room’s acoustics, for instance, to figure out where to place your subwoofer and tune the upper bass regions (near 150 hertz). Some reviewers suggest that this Klipsch system is better for film lovers than for music lovers. At the upper levels, the sound can get quite bright and highlight the percussion a tad much.

Such distinctions probably won’t matter much to you, unless you’re a commercial director working out of a Bay Area studio or an amateur, obsessive audiophile.

To get the most bang for your buck, consider consulting a quality Bay Area home theater team, like the experts here at Karbon Home Theater. We can suggest ways for you to minimize costs, troubleshoot and optimize your Klipsch system — or any other home theater system. Give us a call, or connect with us online today for a free consultation.

Klipsch HD Theater System 600

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