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New Home Contractors and Home Builders are Increasingly Incorporating Low Voltage Wiring Pre-Installation in Plans

Low Voltage Wiring for New Home Construction

Many people wait until after their homes are completed to think about home theater installation or other projects that require low voltage wiring. However, you can save yourself significant time and frustration by adding these tasks to the to-do list during construction. Below are some issues to consider as you prepare your home for the low-voltage systems you will eventually install and use with your home theater and whole home audio systems.

1. Home automation goals. As you plan your home’s wiring, think about the different systems you want to include. Depending on your preferences, you may choose to plan for a home theater, security system or full home automation system that includes lighting systems, HVAC controls, and more.

2. Control options. A variety of different automation options exist, allowing you to monitor and manipulate systems via traditional remotes, mobile devices or stationary control pads.

3. Home design. Will your home’s design accommodate the wiring and equipment you need? Remember to make provisions for the equipment itself, along with all of the required wiring.

4. Professional assistance. Planning and installing automated systems requires in-depth knowledge and experience. Consult a company that specializes in low voltage wiring for new home construction to ensure the best possible design and installation.

Building a new home for your family (or designing and financing homes for others as a developer) can be a richly rewarding and satisfying process and incorporating state of the art technological features into your home will help you plan ahead and continue to enjoy your new home for years to come without needing to incur major costs to install wiring after the original construction is completed. To keep everything on budget, on time and on spec, you need reliable partners who understand how to meet your needs and communicate effectively throughout the process.

Karbon Home Theater and Home Automation Helps you Plan for the Future of Tech and Home Entertainment

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