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PRO-Wav Range Extender

Installs in a utility closet or other out of sight location. The kit includes high-performance signal booster with a high-gain directional antenna, and all requisite cabling and 48V power supply.  Installation is available.


PRO-Wav 100 – Designed for mounting in the attic, above ceiling tiles or directly on the ceiling. The PRO-WAV 100 incorporates the same components as the basic kit but, but includes a white enclosure and Power Over Internet (POE) capabilities for installation flexibility and convenience. The wireless access point mounts inside the enclosure, and can be powered using the same POE cable run. Starting at $799, does not include installation.


PRO-Wav 200 – Used in large rectangular areas (i.e. long hallways with multiple rooms, commercial buildings, warehouses, etc).The Pro-WAV 200 is similar design to the Pro-WAV 100, but implements two antennas that can be aimed in different directions for optimal signal coverage. $1099 plus installation. Pro-WAV Outdoor Bridge Kit – This high powered Wi-Fi range extender is designed for delivery of Wi-Fi coverage to outdoor areas and outbuildings that may be too far away to be reached by the in-home network. Two of these kits can be used to create a long distance wireless bridge of two miles or more! Starting at $635 plus installation.


Call for details or to order 925-798-7600

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