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Going Mobile with Home Theater Entertainment

home-automation-San-FranciscoAre you looking for cheap, easy, and mobile ways to spice up your TV and movie time? Here are five apps to make your home theater more enjoyable:

1. Dijit. This free app, available on iOS and Android, all but eliminates the need for ten different remotes in your home. The universal remote application helps users control everything from surround sound to lighting to curtains from the comfort of their couches.

2. RunPee. As useful as its name is amusing, this free app for Windows 7, Android, and iOS tells users when during a movie is the safest time to walk away without missing an important scene.

3. HTCables. Have you ever been puzzled over which cables to plug in where? With this app, you’ll become an electronics guru, with pictures, descriptions, and device recommendations at your fingertips.

4. IMDb. The go-to site for all things entertainment-related is now available as a free app. Perfect for those moments you see an actor on TV and think “Wait, wasn’t that guy in…?” Now you can confirm instantly.

5. Home Theater Glossary. Available for 99 cents on Android devices, this app provides detailed definitions of home theater terms. It’s useful for potential buyers and owners of home theaters to better understand their various components.

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