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Revamp Your Bay Area Home Theater

Home automation systemsEntertaining guests, enjoying a relaxing evening, studying for an exam, and spending time with the family can all be enhanced by multi-room surround sound. If you’re like most Bay Area residents, expanding the reach of your sound system might initially seem exciting, but navigating room-to-room wiring isn’t an inviting prospect. Thanks to innovative brands and advances in home automation technology, however, homeowners can now experience multi-room tunes with the touch of a button.

Top Multi-Room Audio Systems

Adding a multi-room audio system to your home theater setup is no longer a chore. The following systems received top reviews from families in San Francisco:

  • Bose®. Compatible with Apple and Android devices, Bose® wireless audio systems accommodate up to six rooms and provide users with easy access to the most popular online music channels.
  • Sonos. Powerful enough to link sound systems between 32 rooms, Sonos systems can be used with Apple or Android devices and feature optional wall mounts.
  • Polk. Offering optimal sound quality, Polk audio systems are capable of reaching up to 16 rooms, and they support multiple file formats.
  • Samsung. Ideal for larger homes, Samsung multi-room home audio systems can reach up to 10 rooms. This product features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, allowing a single speaker to project sounds from a mobile device. 

Contact the Leading San Francisco Home Theater Installation Company

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