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Commercial Audio/Visual System Installation

commercial audio visual systemsWhether you need a simple TV installation for new boardroom; or advanced audio systems to conference with international branch managers from six different countries, the team here at Karbon Home Theater can help you save money, get the job done on spec, and leverage the smartest breakthroughs in A/V Technology.In today’s Bay Area business landscape, you don’t necessarily need flashy equipment and communication tools to win accounts. But nice looking “toys” can help. Beyond that, excellent audio/visual wiring can allow key stakeholders – such as vendors, suppliers, creatives, account managers, and decision makers – to collaborate easier, in real time. And once your team learns to communicate with simple to use touch devices, on-screen menu controls, and one-touch remote controls, you’ll wonder how you ever got business done without these tools.

Boardroom automation has grown by leaps and bounds in the past decade. We can help you learn how to automate controls for climate, lighting, video conferencing, and more — all while reducing your company’s energy consumption and creating scalable, dependable platforms.

Better Multimedia Wiring: More Signal, Less Annoying Noise

Advanced boardroom automation tools can allow your team to attend to real business. It’s somewhat ironic. Better tech lets you connect to people in a more human, natural way.

After all, it’s hard to stay focused on an emotional sales pitch, if your video screens flick in and out in the middle of the presentation. It’s nearly impossible to pick up on sensitive nonverbal cues during a negotiation, if you can’t hear or see the other party, due to lousy technology!

Karbon Home Theater can help your team design effective, productive automation solutions that will help you stay connected to your clients’ needs and to your own intuition. When you use better technology, the “technology” will no longer stand in your way. Let us help you enhance your business’ performance: call or e-mail us now to schedule a free consultation: 925-798-7600.

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