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Whether you’re an AV enthusiast drooling for the chance to own your own 55-inch super OLED television from Samsung, or you’re a self-declared “critical thinking shopper” who wants to distinguish hype from reality, this article will introduce you to the key basics about this much talked about (and gawked over) 2012 home entertainment superstar.

Samsung 55-inch OLED TV

The 55-inch TV is honed from a single glass pane. It uses pixel-to-pixel control to eliminate the need for color filtering. The technology is awesome at distinguishing shadows, blacks and grays. So if you’re a Hollywood noir fan, you’ll love the texture of your favorite old flicks. The OLED boasts vividness, speed, and vérité picture quality.

Samsung 55-inch OLED TV


Here are some more interesting specs:

  • Dual core processor;
  • Complete 3D support;
  • More agile response times than even the ultra-quick LED. No more blurring, even on fast shots, like some of the crazier stuff in a Michael Bay movie. (Look, it’s okay if you admit that you enjoy Michael Bay movies. We’re all allowed our guilty pleasures.);
  • Each RGB sub-pixel is set right into the display panel for heightened contrast;
  • True to life color;
  • Dynamic control (no backlighting required!);
  • Aesthetically beautiful. It looks like a painting, not a TV. Makes you say “wow, the future has arrived”
  • Can run multiple applications at the same time without interrupting the viewing experience – same goes for web browsing;
  • Uses smart interaction technology, such as voice control and face recognition, to search and activate applications.

Karbon Consulting

Karbon Consulting

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