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Why Spend the Money on High End Audio Systems if You Aren’t Going to Optimize your Setup


You’ve invested significantly in your home theater, and you want to optimize your set up and enjoy the perfect A/V experience. Gamers, movie buffs, professional videographers and commercial directors alike all have different expectations and requirements, however. To optimize your home system’s performance, follow these tips.

1. Reduce sound reflections.
The walls and furniture in your space reflect sound waves, which has an impact on the sound you hear coming from your speakers. To tame the sound reflections in your space, cover any large panes of glass with drapes and cover hard floors with rugs or carpet. Move your furniture away from the wall and closer to the center of the room where possible.

2. Choose the right locations for speakers.
Audio systems perform best when you optimize the placement of your speakers. Position your main speakers so that they form a triangle with the center seat in the room. Use trial and error to place your sub-woofer in the best location. Ideally your sub-woofer would be close to the center of the viewing area, however this is rarely a reasonable place from a home decorating perspective. Surround sound speakers should be placed to the left and right of the seating area, make sure you know which one is right and which is left or you could end up confused when sound is meant to move from one side to the other in a movie that you are watching.

3. Consider home automation.
This could be item one if you’re building a new home and you want to plan out your home theater, but if you are upgrading your existing home you may want to consider home automation to streamline all your devices. You can even remotely control your drapes to close at the touch of a button and really mimic the movie theater experience. Savant home automation systems have been around for a long time and have continued to improve and integrate with more and more devices, if you are considering home automation the products offered by Savant are a great place to start.

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